The Veken Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer Review

Veken Wireless 4-Probe Meat Thermometer

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I have to admit, I didn’t expect to be impressed by the Veken Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer. There are a lot of remote wireless meat thermometers that are trying to replicate the features of the very popular ThermoPro TP-20 Wireless Meat Thermometer.

A lot of them are boasting of wireless ranges anywhere from 400 to 600 feet between the thermometer transmitter and the receiver, well above the 300-foot range of the ThermoPro TP-20 model.

The Veken Wireless Meat Thermometer touts a range of 490 feet. That’s quite an upgrade. Is it legit? Yes. I’ve tested it quite a few times. But is it enough for the Veken to be considered a better remote wireless thermometer than the ThermoPro TP-20?

The wireless range of a remote wireless thermometer is just one part of its value. There are other things to consider.

In this review, I will discuss these other things. Things such as overall features, the usability, and the durability of the Veken Wireless Meat Thermometer. I will also show how it stacks up against the best-in-class ThermoPro TP-20 model.

Here we go!

The Veken Wireless Meat Thermometer's illuminated display showing four different temperatures

The Veken Wireless Meat Thermometer’s illuminated display showing four different temperatures

Features of the Veken Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer

Out of the box, the Veken wireless meat thermometer comes with a transmitter, a receiver, 4- 6inch, stainless-steel probes with 49-inch stainless-steel braided cords, 2 grill clips and 4 batteries.

I’m going to go a little more in-depth on each of the items, starting with the main unit or receiver.

The Receiver Unit of the Veken Meat Thermometer

The receiver of the Veken Wireless meat thermometer has eight buttons on it to help you set your temperatures and time settings. These buttons are:

  • MODE- This button to choose between the four different probes on the screen. Once you’ve chosen your probe, press and hold the button for 3 seconds to enter your target temperature.
  • MEAT- Press and select to choose between eight different meat types and one user-defined setting.
  • TASTE- This will let you set the meat taste level for whatever meat you choose. Includes all the choices between RARE and WELL done.
  • ALARM/C/F – Press once to turn on or off the alarm after you’ve set a target temperature. Press and hold for 2 seconds to choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • POWER/LIGHT- The button in the top right corner, press once to turn on the receiver and the backlight. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off the receiver.
  • UP- Press once to increase temperature value. Press and hold to increase at a faster pace. In timer mode, press to increase the time.
  • DOWN- Press once to decrease temperature value. Press and hold to decrease at a faster pace. In timer mode, press to decrease the time.
  • ST/SP/CLEAR- In timer mode, once the timer is set, press once to start the timer. When the timer is running, press once to pause, press and hold 3 seconds to clear the timer.
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As for the receiver unit itself, it is enclosed in a soft rubber sleeve that allows you to grip it better as well as absorb mild shocks such as dropping it. It also has a belt clip on the back if you want to wear it and be made fun of at your next barbecue. The clip also doubles as a more-useful stand to prop up the thermometer on a level surface.

The display screen of the receiver is backlit for 10 seconds after start-up or pressing the light button. The screen is split into a timer section at the top and four sections for each probe that have a temperature readout with a preset “temp set” alert temperature underneath. This brings me to a major flaw with the Veken Thermometer.

It only has high-temperature alert capabilities.

So what, you’re probably asking? Well, not having a low-temperature alarm is a huge deal if you do any type of extended cooks on your grill or smoker. Imagine cooking a brisket on your charcoal grill or smoker and the temperature dips down way past 225 degrees Fahrenheit. You would have no idea how long your brisket was sitting in there not cooking. Not good.

However, that isn’t a huge deal unless extended cooks are the only thing that you do. So, if that is all you do, then this thermometer is not for you. For the rest of you, let’s take a look at the transmitter.

The Transmitter Unit of the Veken Meat Thermometer

The Transmitter Unit of The Veken Wireless Meat Thermometer

The Transmitter Unit of The Veken Wireless Meat Thermometer

I would rate the transmitter unit of the Veken wireless thermometer higher than the comparable ThermoPro TP-20. This is due to the fact that it not only displays the temperatures of 4 different probes, it has backlight capabilities as well. The ThermoPro model rotates between its two probes’ temperatures and doesn’t have a backlight.

Not a huge deal but something to consider if you do a lot of cooking at night. If you are away from your transmitter and close to your grill it’s always nice to check the temperature visually while you’re there. Grilling with the Veken thermometer you would just press the light button and see your temperatures easily at night. The ThermoPro model you would need a flashlight to see it.

The actual transmitter body has a soft rubber sleeve that will absorb some bumps while you’re cooking.

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The Usability of the Veken Wireless Meat Thermometer

Is the Veken wireless meat thermometer easy to use? Like any new gadget you purchase there is a little bit of a learning curve. However, after a couple of grill sessions the Veken meat thermometer is easy to use.

The one hiccup I did have was I didn’t press the temperature alert button after setting my temperatures while cooking pork tenderloin. I set my temperature at 138 degrees Fahrenheit and the alarm didn’t go off because I didn’t press the alarm button in the bottom left corner. So, you have to remember to do that or your target temperatures will come and go unnoticed.

I waited until the usability section to discuss the probes of the Veken meat thermometer. I like the fact that they are angled. This gives you a little leverage when inserting them and taking them out of food.

The angled probes also help when you are cooking something in a roasting dish and they aren’t sticking straight out.

Temperature probes of the Veken Wireless Meat thermometer on top and ThermoPro Tp_20 underneath

The angled probe of the Veken Wireless Thermometer versus the vaulting pole of the ThermoPro Tp-20

The probes are just easier to maneuver compared to the ThermoPro’s 8 inch behemoth probes. The ThermoPro probes are just way too big for most things and in my opinion unecessary.

Now before you start thinking this is a hatchet piece against the ThermoPro thermometer, it’s not. I still recommend it over the Veken if you are doing a lot of low and slow cooking because of its low temperature alarm capabilities. But, for cooking smaller pieces of meat, the Veken probes are much more manageable.

Veken Meat Thermometer for Grilling, BBQ Wireless 4 Probe Remote, Instant Read Digital Cooking Grill Thermometer, Food Thermometer for Oven & Smoker & Roasting, 490 Feet I love the picture above. Hey honey, I know you’re playing soccer with the kids right by the grill but don’t worry, I’ll check on the chicken because I’m clearly 490 feet away.

The Wireless Range of the Veken Wireless Meat Thermometer

The one thing I was really skeptical about the Veken Wireless Meat Thermometer was the purported 490 foot range of the signal between the thermometer transmitter and receiver. I’ve gone on quite a few walks in my neighborhood with the receiver in hand and I will tell you that it is legit.

Now I don’t know how many scenarios you would find yourself that far away from your grill but it is impressive nonetheless. Perhaps you are grilling at your friend’s house or at a cabin in the woods?

I took the ThermoPro TP-20 on some of these walks as well to compare it to the Veken. I turned them off and on at roughly 50 foot intervals. The Veken picked its signal back up a lot faster than the ThermoPro model. Not a huge thing, but it might indicate there’s a better signal between the Veken’s transmitter and receiver units.

The Durability of the Veken Wireless Meat Thermometer

I’ve used the Veken thermometer three times in the past month. I’ve cooked chicken, pork tenderloin and duck with the Veken monitoring the temperature along the way.

As far as durability, only time will tell. The probes have been used in the oven and grill and cleaned after each use. They still are measuring temperatures correctly.

I would be hesistant to use the Veken outside in inclement weather. If you do a lot of grilling outdoors in bad weather I would recommend the SmokeBloq Cloud-Based Meat Thermometer. It is rated waterproof.

Would I Recommend Buying the Veken Wireless Meat Thermometer?

Yes. I think the Veken Wireless Meat Thermometer is a good buy. Other than not having a low temperature alarm, it is comparable to the more expensive ThermoPro Tp-20 Wireless Meat Thermometer. It also surpasses the ThermoPro TP-20 in wireless range, easier-to-use temperature probes as well as number of probes, and some better features such as a backlit receiver with four separate temperature displays.

However, if you do a lot of low-and-slow cooking such as smoking briskets, the Veken thermometer isn’t helpful in that it has no low temperature alarm to let you know when you need to add fuel to your fire. For that type of bbqing I would recommend the ThermoPro TP-20, which has a low temperature alarm.

Also, if you do a lot of outdoor grilling in bad weather, the Veken isn’t rated waterproof to withstand that. For that I would recommend you check out the SmokeBloq Wireless Thermometer.

I will continue to use the Veken along with my other thermometers and update you accordingly in terms of its continued usability and durability. Thanks for reading my review.