ThermoPro TP620 Meat Thermometer Review

ThermoPro TP620 Digital Instant-Read Meat Thermometer upside down displaying 66.4 Fahrenheit on its 180-degree display screen

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The ThermoPro TP620 Digital Instant-Read Meat Thermometer is incredibly similar to the highly-rated ThermoPro TP19 Instant-Read Meat Thermometer.

Until recently, ThermoPro referred to the TP620 thermometer model as the TP-19X.

In fact, it has the exact same features and specifications as the TP19, save for a few.

ThermoPro TP19 on the left and ThermoPro TP620 on the right, both displaying a temperature of 66 degrees Fahrenheit

ThermoPro TP19 on the left and ThermoPro TP620 on the right.

The ThermoPro TP620 has a premium BTN (Bistable Twisted Neumatic) LCD screen that’s clearly visible even in the dark.

Its sibling, the TP19, features a red digital display reminiscent of an alarm clock, that’s also clearly visible at night.

The body of the TP620 is also narrower than the TP19 and easier to hold with an anti-slip grip.

The TP19 features a rubber seal around the outside while the TP620 does not.

Closeup image of the ThermoPro TP620 and the ThermoPro TP19 thermometer's sides where the front and back are joined

The TP19 on the bottom has a rubber seal around the outside of the thermometer adding to its waterproofing.

You might be wondering why I started a review by comparing two thermometers out of the gate.

It’s because although they are very similar thermometers, the TP620 costs $20 more than the TP19.

They are both great thermometers, which leaves you to decide if the features of the TP620 warrant a purchase at a higher price.

I’ll tackle this battle of the ThermoPro thermometers in this review of the ThermoPro TP620 Meat Thermometer.

I’ll examine its features, usability, durability, accuracy, price, and how it stacks up to similar meat thermometers.

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ThermoPro TP620 Digital Instant-Read Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro is a trusted manufacturer of thermometers of all types with many models garnering high marks with reviewers.

In a sea of cheaply-made meat thermometers, ThermoPro thermometers stand above the rest due to their quality, durability, and ThermoPro’s attentive customer service.

All hallmarks of a company that takes pride in its products.

The ThermoPro TP620 Digital Instant-Read Meat Thermometer is another solid product release.

As I mentioned earlier, the TP620 is also referred to as the TP-19X on its box and on the website. (as of May 2021)

The TP620’s older sibling, the TP19, is a fantastic thermometer, so is it bringing anything new to the table?

Other than a narrower body that is easier to grip with smaller hands, the standout feature has to be the BTN LCD screen.

ThermoPro TP620 Digital Instant-REad Meat Thermometer lying on a table displaying a temperature of 67.3 degrees Fahrenheit

The importance of this type of display is that the digits illuminate and are clearly visible in any lighting situation, all with very little battery power consumed.

There’s no need for a separate light button or even a motion light sensor for the digits to be visible, which puts it on a very short list of thermometers with constant display illumination.

The ThermoPro Tp19 (on top) and ThermoPro TP620 in the dark.

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? The ThermoPro Tp19 (on top) and ThermoPro TP620 in the dark.

What else does the TP620 feature?

ThermoPro TP620 Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer Used by Professional Chefs for Deep Fry BBQ Smoker Grill Cooking Candy Food Thermometer

Features of the ThermoPro TP620

Here are the important features of the TP620:

  • Thermocouple Sensor

The thermocouple probe has a 2 to 3-second response time with an accuracy of +-0.9°F. The temperature range is -58°F to 572°F. (-50°C to 300°C).

  • IP65 Waterproof Rating

An IP65 waterproof rating means that a meat thermometer is safe from low-pressure jets of water, making it safe from rinsing it off with a kitchen faucet.

  • Auto-Rotating Display

The display will automatically rotate 180° when you turn it upside down, making it left-hand friendly.

  • Motion-Sensing Sleep and Wake Mode

The thermometer turns on when it is moved and will automatically turn off after 90 seconds when not in use.

  • Lock Function

Press the lock button to lock the current temperature for 5 seconds.

ThermoPro TP620 Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer Used by Professional Chefs for Deep Fry BBQ Smoker Grill Cooking Candy Food Thermometer
  • Calibration Function

You can calibrate the thermometer by pressing the calibration button located inside the battery compartment for 5 seconds. Press again to confirm calibration.

  • BTN Liquid Crystal Screen

The star feature of this thermometer with large 3/4″ tall digits that are brightly lit and easy to see.

  • Food Grade Stainless-Steel Probe

The probe is 4.5 inches long.

  • Magnetic Back
  • ThermoPro TP620 stuck to a refrigerator door using its magnet
  • Kitchen Hook
  • Antimicrobial Coating

The plastic polymer in the device body features a silver-based antimicrobial coating that inhibits bacteria growth.

  • Fahrenheit/ Celsius Button

You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing and holding the button on the back for three seconds.

Usability of the TP620

One of the things that makes the ThermoPro TP620 easier to use than most meat thermometers is its always-illuminated display when it’s in use.

Not having to worry about a light button is one aspect you don’t fully appreciate until you don’t have to do it anymore.

As I mentioned earlier, the TP620 has a narrower body that is easy to grip with the anti-slip grip on top.

It has all of the bells and whistles of a meat thermometer in its price range; motion-sensing on/off, rotating display, some sort of waterproofing.

One thing to note is that the display only rotates 180°  (two-directional viewing) and not a full 360° (four-directional viewing).

It also has a reported IP65 waterproof rating. I will discuss this a little more in the next section on durability.

Side view of the ThermoPro TP620 on the right and the ThermoPro TP19 on the left with the TP620 visibly thicker in its body

The ThermoPro TP19 on the left has a more compact body.


The durability of any device is measured over time. It is too soon to judge the ThermoPro TP620’s durability.

I can point out some things that speak to its potential durability over time.

Although it does have a reported IP65 waterproof rating, it lacks the rubber gasket seal that its sibling, the TP19, features.

ThermoPro TP19 underneath the ThermoPro TP620 revealing the sides of each

ThermoPro TP19 on the bottom has a rubber seal whereas the TP620 on top does not.

Thermometers such as the Thermoworks Thermapens, the Inkbird IHT-1s, and the ThermoPro TP19 all have a rubber seal around the outside that forms a waterproof barrier where the front and back parts of the thermometer come together.

I’m not saying the TP620 isn’t waterproof, I’m saying that I feel more confident about a thermometer’s waterproofing when it does have this seal.

As for the sturdiness of the TP620’s body, I would rate it as average. It seems more hollow to me than the TP19, which has a denser body.

Again, these are my own observations and the TP620 could prove to be a very durable thermometer. Time will tell.

I will say that I would rate the potential durability of the TP19 higher right now. I’ve been using it for over 1.5 years with no problems and I like its sturdier body with the sealed rubber gasket.

ThermoPro TP19 on top and ThermoPro TP620 on the bottom on a table

Accuracy of the TP620

The thermocouple probe of the TP620 is fast and accurate.

To test its accuracy I dipped the probe tip in a 130°F sous vide water bath along with some other highly accurate meat thermometers.

How did it do?

Testing the accuracy of ThermoPro TP620, Thermoworks Thermapen MK4. ThermoPro TP19, Inkbird IHT-1S, and Javelin PRO Duo meat thermometers in a 130 degree sous vide water bath

(From left to right) ThermoPro TP620, Thermoworks Thermapen MK4. ThermoPro TP19, Inkbird IHT-1S, and Javelin PRO Duo meat thermometers in a 130-degree sous vide water bath.

It performed comparably to the rest in terms of response time, which was around 2 to 3-seconds for all of them.

In terms of accuracy, it was around 0.5°F higher than the consensus reading of three of the thermometers.

Curiously, the TP19 was a little less accurate coming in at around 0.6 to 0.8°F higher than the composite average, even after calibrating it in ice water.

Still, well within the reported +-0.9°F accuracy range.

From my observations across multiple accuracy tests with the five thermometers, I would rate the TP620 behind the Thermapen MK4, the Inkbird IHT-1s, and the Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo, and slightly ahead of the TP19.


The ThermoPro TP620 is currently selling for around $50 (May 2021). Its price is $20 more than the similar ThermoPro TP19.

Why the difference in price?

I can only assume it is the BTN LCD screen. In fairness, it is a nice screen that is great in low light situations. The digits on the screen are also large and easy to read.

Does that justify the higher price? I’m not sure that it does. I think you would be just as happy with the less expensive ThermoPro TP19 model.

If your budget is $50 for an instant-read meat thermometer then I would suggest going with the Inkbird IHT-1s Instant-Read Meat Thermometer.

The Competition

The price point of the TP620 falls right smack in the middle between the best-in-class Thermoworks Thermapens and the better-than-average meat thermometers (like the ThermoPro TP19) in the $30 range.

It isn’t quite as accurate as its $50 counterparts, the Inkbird IHT-1s or the Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo thermometers.

The Thermoworks Thermapen MK4 remains the king of the instant-read meat thermometers with its older sibling, the Classic Thermapen in second place.

I would then rank them in the following order: Inkbird IHT-1s, Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo, Thermoworks TP19, and then the Thermoworks TP620.

( I also like the Thermoworks DASH at a budget of below $40. It’s a solid thermometer that could sneak into the top five.)

Setting the nice display screen of the TP620 aside, I think the TP19 brings just as much, if not more, value at a lower price point.

I consider the body of the TP19 to be sturdier with around the same accuracy and response time.

Final Verdict

The ThermoPro TP620 is a good thermometer. I just think the nice display screen is pushing its price into a territory where its value proposition is being tested.

At a price of $50, it is in direct competition with the Inkbird IHT-1s, which is a more accurate thermometer with better waterproofing.

The TP620’s predecessor, the TP19, shares all of the same features outside of its display screen.

In terms of value, I would suggest looking at the ThermoPro TP19 before paying more for the TP620.