ThermoPro TP605 Review

The ThermoPro TP605 Instant-Read Meat Thermometer with its box

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The ThermoPro TP605 instant-read meat thermometer is a recent addition to ThermoPro’s lineup of instant-read meat thermometers.

The ThermoPro TP605 Instant-Read Meat Thermometer displaying 72.1 degrees Fahrenheit

The TP605 features a reported temperature reading response time of 2 to 3 seconds and an IPX6 waterproof rating, making it a very compelling value at its current price of $16.99.

It doesn’t feature an auto-rotating display or a motion sensor that will turn it on like its sibling the ThermoPro TP19H, but it is just as fast and accurate at a few dollars less.

See the review of the ThermoPro TP19H.

And ThermoPro keeps popping them out, here’s my review for the ThermoPro TP420 Two-in-One Infrared and Probe Thermometer.

What does the ThermoPro TP605 feature?

Well, I’ll show you in this review. I’ll also examine its usability, accuracy, durability, and its price to see if this is a meat thermometer worthy of your kitchen

ThermoPro TP605 Meat Thermometer

If you’re new to the world of thermometers, ThermoPro produces many meat thermometer models that have garnered high scores and thousands of positive reviews.

Known for its customer service, the company also listens to its customers and designs its products with them in mind.

I buy and review most of the new models they release. What I’ve noticed is that the temperature reading response speed keeps getting faster with each new release.

The TP605 features a 2 to 3-second response time, and it is also accurate.

It does lack some of the bells and whistles of more expensive thermometers such as a rotating screen and motion-sensing sleep and awake mode.

But that would also make it a little more expensive.

You might also notice that I am mentioning the TP605 in relation to its lineup mate, the TP19H, quite often.

They have a lot of similarities, but there are some key differences between the two.

I think most people would be quite happy with either thermometer. For those of you that would like a rotating screen and motion-sensing on/off, maybe the TP19H  would be a better option.

However, this is a review for the TP605, and it’s a pretty darn good thermometer in its own right.

ThermoPro TP605 Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Cooking, Waterproof Digital Food Thermometer with Large Backlit LCD, 180° Foldaway Probe Kitchen Thermometer for Grilling, Smoking & Candy Making

Features of the ThermoPro TP605

Here are the important features of the ThermoPro TP605 Instant-Read Meat Thermometer.

  • IPX6 Waterproof

An IP rating of X6 correlates to a device’s protection against powerful jets of water from any angle.

  • Temperature Range: -58°F to 572°F (-50°C to 300°C)
  • Temperature Accuracy +- 0.9°F (0.5°C)
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit Button

The Celsius/Fahrenheit button switches the display to either one after pressing it once.

  • Lock Button

Press the lock button once to lock in the current temperature displayed. Press again to unlock.

  • 4.3 Inch Stainless Steel Probe
  • LCD Backlight

The backlight will turn on after opening the probe and will turn off after 10 seconds. Pressing the light button will illuminate the display for 10 seconds.

  • Auto-Off

The thermometer will turn off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.

  • Calibration

This thermometer can be calibrated by pressing and holding the LOCK button for 5 seconds in the 28°F to 36°F range.

  • 1- AAA Battery Included


Using the ThermoPro TP605 is pretty straightforward forward although there are some things I wish it had.

But then again, at this price point, it is very hard to ask for much more.

Yes, it doesn’t have a rotating screen or a motion sensor to wake it up, but it is fast and accurate.

It has three buttons, a Celsius/Fahrenheit selector, a lock button, and a light button.

Those are all self-explanatory. (The lock button just locks the current temperature reading on the screen.)

This thermometer has the ability to be calibrated, which is also nice.

Most meat thermometers under $20 don’t come close to being accurate when measured against the $200 and $300 models during accuracy tests.

The TP605 was accurate and I didn’t need to do much tinkering to produce similar readings as the more expensive models.

But I’m jumping the gun here. Here’s the section on accuracy.


The TP605 turned out to be quite accurate and responsive in all of my temperature tests.

As you can see in the picture below it performed quite similarly to other highly accurate thermometers in measuring the temperature of a sous vide water bath.

From left, the Thermoworks WiFi ThermaQ, ThermoPro TP19H, FireBoard 2 Drive and the ThermoPro TP605 measuring the temperature of a sous vide bath

The TP605 also responded in around 2 to 3 seconds as advertised.

This type of accuracy and responsiveness is quite impressive for a meat thermometer in this price range.


The TP605 features IPX6 water protection. This allows you to run it under water to clean it if that’s your thing.

This waterproof rating puts it in the upper echelon of meat thermometers in terms of water protection.

Can it handle a fall off the counter? Good question, I like this thermometer too much to drop it like that.

Perhaps one day I’ll do it by accident and report back.

The plastic body feels sturdy enough however the TP605 weighs a little less than the TP19H.

The outside seams of the ThermoPro TP605 (top) and the ThermoPro TP19H (bottom)

It also doesn’t have a rubber gasket seal running along the outside like the TP19H.

Does this make it less durable? Not necessarily, although the rubber seal on the TP19H should be able to withstand a fall from a kitchen counter a little better.

Overall, I would give this thermometer high marks for its water protection and just an average grade for its ability to withstand some bumps and bruises.


How does the ThermoPro TP605 compare to other thermometers in its price range?

From the top, the ThermoPro TP03H, the ThermoPro TP605, and the ThermoPro TP19H

From the top, the ThermoPro TP03H, the ThermoPro TP605, and the ThermoPro TP19H.

The ThermoPro TP03H is often a lower price than the TP605 and is just as accurate but has a smaller display screen and is a little less responsive

Another quality thermometer in the ThermoPro lineup, the TP19H, is a little more expensive at $18.99 but features an auto-rotating display and motion-sensing sleep and awake modes.

The prices on these models change often, but if I were to rank them in terms of features and value for their price, I would rank the TP19H first, the TP605 next, and the TP03H after that.

I like them all under $20, but the rotating display and motion sensor of the TP19H are two features that I prefer in a meat thermometer.

The screen on the TP03H is pretty small, but its value is hard to beat when it goes on sale for $12.99 or less.

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Pros and Cons


  • Accurate and fast in all of my temperature tests.
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • Bright backlit display with large, easy-to-see digits
  • It can be calibrated to fine-tune accuracy.


  • No rotating display.
  • No-motion sensing sleep and wake mode.
  • The backlight turns off after 10 seconds.

ThermoPro TP605 vs ThermoPro TP19H

ThermoPro produces many different models of instant-read meat thermometers, you’re probably wondering how the TP605 stacks up to the other models.

The ThemoPro TP605 on the top and the ThermoPro TP19H underneath it showcasing its auto-rotating display

The TP19H thermometer on the bottom has an auto-rotating display, the TP605 does not.

Having tested most of them, the TP605 might offer the best value at its current price of $16.99.

Sure, it doesn’t have the auto-rotating display or motion-sensing features of the ThermoPro TP19H, but it is just as fast and accurate, if not more so.

The TP605 and the TP19H performed similarly well in accuracy tests, with the TP605 responding a smidge faster.

If pressed, I would choose the TP19H over the TP605 due to its rotating screen and motion-sensing auto-wake feature.

The rotating screen is really convenient when you’re trying to check the temperature of something like a roast chicken and you need to check it at different spots and angles.

My Thoughts

Having recently reviewed another meat thermometer that cost me $70 and didn’t live up to its price, the TP605 was a breath of fresh air.

The ThermoPro TP605 is a meat thermometer that is fast and accurate with a great IPX6 waterproof rating.

It is a great value at its current price point of under $20.

It doesn’t have a rotating screen and a motion sensor to turn it on. If that’s you’re thing then the TP19H is a few bucks more.

I rate the TP605 a buy at its current price and a steal if it goes on sale.