ThermoPro TP27 Remote Meat Thermometer Review

The ThermoPro TP27 Remote Meat thermometer's trasnmitter and receiver displaying 68.4 degrees Fahrenheit
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The ThermoPro TP27 Remote Meat Thermometer is a four-probe, wireless transmitter-to-receiver remote meat thermometer. It is also referred to by its official model number, the ThermoPro TP-27B.

It is part of a new generation of meat thermometers that ThermoPro has been introducing in the past year.

The ThermoPro TP27 is their latest update in their lineup of remote meat thermometers. This lineup includes the incredibly popular TP20, TP08S, and TP07S Remote Meat thermometers, as well as the new dual-probe ThermoPro TP 28 Remote Meat Thermometer.

Check out ThermoPro’s even newer remote thermometer, the ThermoPro TP829!

What is clearly noticeable at first glance is the updated body style of the ThermoPro TP27. This newly improved device body is also rated IPX4 waterproof, meaning it can handle splashing water and probably some rain.

ThermoPro TP27 Remote Meat Thermometer Transmitter and Receiver Units

The TP27 features a body design with IPX4-rated waterproofing.

But what is probably the biggest selling point is the extended 500-foot wireless signal range between the TP27’s transmitter and receiver.

However, that’s not all that’s upgraded from the previous ThermoPro remote meat thermometer models.

The TP27 also features 4 different color-coordinated stainless-steel temperature probes that pair with their corresponding colored ports on the transmitter.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg with what’s new with this thermometer.

In this review of the ThermoPro TP27 Remote Meat Thermometer, I will discuss its features, usability, accuracy, durability, and price to help you determine if this is a meat thermometer worth your hard-earned money.

ThermoPro TP27 Remote Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro produces a lot of the top-selling meat thermometers on the market today. One of the areas that they’re particularly known for is their lineup of remote meat thermometers.

With the introduction of this TP27 model, ThermoPro has definitely changed the game for remote meat thermometers under $80.

This new release by ThermoPro is priced higher than its previous models, but it also has a lot more advanced features that they don’t.

Some of the new updates are a more water-resistant body, more probes, a touch backlight, a bigger screen with more information, and pinpoint temperature readings to tenths of a degree.

Oh, and that reportedly 500-foot wireless signal. Yeah, can’t forget about that.

Another thing I should mention is that this thermometer has no timer function. I actually applaud that decision. I’ve never really needed a timer on any of my thermometers.

In my opinion, they just add to more confusion by the simple fact of being there on the control panel.

Let’s take a look at all of the features of the ThermoPro TP27.

ThermoPro TP27 500FT Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling and Smoking with 4 Probes Smoker BBQ Grill Thermometer Kitchen Food Cooking Thermometer for Meat View ThermoPro TP27 on Amazon

Features of the ThermoPro TP27 Remote Meat Thermometer

If you’re familiar with ThermoPro’s other remote meat thermometers then you might notice that all of the control features on this ThermoPro TP27 model are on the transmitter and not the receiver.

All of the other remote meat thermometers by ThermoPro have their controls on the receiver device that you take with you to monitor your food remotely.

This definitely will take some adjustment time for those of you who like to have control at your fingertips.

The reason behind the switch was so that you could use the TP27 as a standalone thermometer.

This is helpful when you want to cook something that doesn’t take a long time and you don’t want to have to deal with two units. You can just insert your probes and just deal with the transmitter without having to turn on the receiver.

Here are the important features of the ThermoPro TP27 Remote Meat Thermometer:

  • One Transmitter

The transmitter features an LCD screen split into 4 sections for each temperature probe. It also features a soft rubber sleeve, a magnet on the back, as well as a flip-out counter stand.

The Transmitter of the ThermoPro TP27 Remote Meat Thermometer

A large display coupled with the colored ports makes for a nice user experience.

The transmitter is also rated IPX4 waterproof, which means it’s splash-proof.

  • One Receiver

The receiver also features an LCD screen split into 4 sections. It also has a soft rubber sleeve, a magnet on the back, and a flip-out counter stand.

  • 4- Color-coordinated, Stainless-Steel  Temperature Probes

The probes are 8.5″ long with 42″ long cords. The temperature measuring range of the probes are between 14 and 572 degrees Fahrenheit. The probes and their cords are heat resistant up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • 2 Grate Clips
  • 4- AAA Batteries


Any device with more than a few buttons can strike fear in some people, the TP27 has 7 buttons on the controller/transmitter.

Does that make it difficult to use? Not really. A 5-minute perusal of the owner’s manual is probably all that you’ll need.

The transmitter and the receiver are already paired from the factory so all you need to do is turn both of them on.

As I mentioned earlier, all of the buttons that control everything are on the transmitter instead of the receiver, this configuration is reversed from the previous ThermoPro remote thermometers.

The other models, the TP20, TP08S, and TP07S, all have control buttons on the receiver.

The importance of this is that you will need to go to where your transmitter is at, by the grill or oven, if you want to adjust any settings. You can’t change your alarm temperature setting from your couch.

ThermoPro TP27 500FT Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling and Smoking with 4 Probes Smoker BBQ Grill Thermometer Kitchen Food Cooking Thermometer for Meat See Reviews of ThermoPro TP27 on Amazon

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? It depends on how lethargic you are. I can see why ThermoPro switched the configuration on this model, the transmitter is quite a bit larger than the prior models and would be unwieldy to carry around.

Another feature that is nice is the color-coordinated probes and probe ports on the device. There’s silver, black, gold, and blue. Each probe handle and its cord plugin is colored so you can match them up with the device.

Put the blue probe in your chicken breast and set that section on the controller to beep at 165 degrees (or lower) Fahrenheit. No more confusing it with another probe.

I’m not sure why this is the exception and not the rule, and hopefully, it starts a trend with other thermometers.

Now let’s take a look at how to use the buttons on the TP27.

The buttons on the transmitter of the TP27

Buttons on the TP27 Transmitter


Press once to display Hi and Low alarms or Meat for a given probe once PROBE is pressed to select the probe.

  • ALARM/°F/°C

Press once to turn on or off the alarm. This turns all of the alarms on or off on the four probes. You can select individual probes (See PROBE below) to have or not have alarms but be aware that pressing ALARM will reset them all.

Press and hold for 3 seconds to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.


Press to rotate through the 4 temperature probes. When a probe is selected the current temperature will flash. If you want to disable the alarm for just that probe, press and hold PROBE down for seconds to turn on or off.

  • SET

Once you’ve selected your probe from the steps above, press and hold to set the temperature alarm settings for that probe, (you can choose between MEAT and BBQ HI and LOW, see BBQ/MEAT steps above). Press SET again to confirm settings.


Press to increase the temperature setting.


Press to decrease the temperature setting.


Press once to turn on or off. Press and hold for 3 seconds to enter synchronization/pairing mode, but you probably won’t need it.


The logo on the top of the transmitter is actually a button for the backlight. And touching it will turn it on for 15 seconds, as well as make a beep each time you touch it.

The receiver of the TP27

Buttons on the TP27 Receiver


Press once to turn on or off. Press and hold for 3 seconds to resynchronize or pair with the transmitter.

  • MODE

The default setting is the beep alarm mode, press MODE once to switch to vibration mode. I strongly encourage you to use this function on the receiver as it will beep constantly from the touch-sensitive backlight button being deployed.

If you’re doing an overnight cook then I would switch it to alarm mode.


The logo on the top of the receiver is actually the backlight button and you will hit it inadvertently many times, with an accompanying beep every time, unless you switch to vibrate mode.

Wireless Range of the ThermoPro TP27

No review of a remote meat thermometer would be complete without the required testing of the wireless signal range of the said thermometer.

From left to right, Thermoworks Smoke meat thermometer, ThermoPro TP27 remote meat thermometer, and the ThermoPro TP20 remote meat thermometer.

From left to right, Thermoworks Smoke meat thermometer, ThermoPro TP27 remote meat thermometer, and the ThermoPro TP20 remote meat thermometer.

One thing to remember when shopping for wireless meat thermometers of any kind, be it WiFi, Bluetooth, or Remote meat thermometers, is that they will claim the best case, line-of-sight, wireless signal range in their marketing.

There are many things that can obstruct a wireless signal. Walls, trees, your neighbor’s dog, hills, and cellphone towers just to name a few.

Most of us don’t live in a best-case-scenario type of environment unless you live in a Kansas wheat field with no obstructions.

I have plenty of obstacles in my neighborhood, so it would be irresponsible of me to definitively claim that a certain meat thermometer has a signal range of a certain length.

My situation and environment will undoubtedly be different from yours.

Most of us just need a thermometer with a range from somewhere in the yard to inside the house. If you need anything over 200 feet then you might want to move your grill closer to your house.

That being said, I was able to get a signal 300 to 325 feet away from my house with the TP27. That was just in one direction.

I also took along the ThermoPro TP20 and the Thermoworks Smoke on my neighborhood walk as well. The TP20 lost its signal around 150 feet and the Smoke around the same, 150 to 160 feet.

Take from that what you will. All of them are more than sufficient if you wanted to track an overnight brisket smoke and catch some sleep inside your house.

ThermoPro TP27 500FT Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling and Smoking with 4 Probes Smoker BBQ Grill Thermometer Kitchen Food Cooking Thermometer for Meat


Is the TP27 accurate? I tested it in a sous vide water bath against a thermometer that is three times the price.  I set the water temperature at 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Fireboard 2 Drive meat thermometer and the ThermoPro TP27 Remote meat thermometer measuring a 130 degree Fahrenheit sous vide water bath.

The TP27 did lag behind the more expensive thermometer in terms of responding to temperature changes, but it did read very close to it when the temperature plateaued at 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

I would consider the TP27 to be pretty accurate.


The ThermoPro TP27 has one thing that the prior remote meat thermometer models from ThermoPro don’t have, a body with some sort of waterproofing.

With an IP rating of IPX4, the ThermoPro TP27 is splash-proof, which isn’t completely waterproof, but still better than nothing.

Does splash-proof mean that it can handle rain outside? That has yet to be determined and I will test the TP27 when the next rainstorm hits.

The TP27, like all of ThermoPro’s products, are covered by their one year warranty. This warranty can be extended by three years if you simply submit your warranty information at

This warranty covers your thermometer to be free of defects and they will provide a brand-new unit or part free of charge.

I like companies that stand by their products.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:


The price range of the ThermoPro TP27 is a little higher than what has been the usual price tag for a remote meat thermometer. Most decent remote meat thermometers can be purchased for around $40 to $50.

At the time of this review, the TP27 is $79.99. This puts the TP27 about right in the middle between the ThermoPro TP20 and the Thermoworks Smoke in terms of price.

The Thermoworks Smoke is a great meat thermometer with more responsive temperature readings. It also has a more durable body, with an IP65 waterproof rating.

However, the TP27 is not too far behind in those categories and makes a compelling choice with its four temperature probes and upgraded features.

The TP20 is a solid thermometer as well, so you have to decide if it’s worth the money for the extra features and more probes of the TP27.

It comes down to your budget. If you can afford it, I would recommend the Smoke first, the TP27 second, and the TP20 takes home the bronze.

In case you were wondering what’s my current top pick for a remote meat thermometer, here’s my review of the Thermoworks Smoke X4 remote meat thermometer.

ThermoPro TP27 vs ThermoPro TP20

How does the ThermoPro TP27 compare to the ThermoPro TP20? Here are the features of the newer TP27 that the TP20 doesn’t have.

The ThermoPro TP27 on the left and the ThermoPro TP20 on the right

  • A stronger wireless signal. The TP27 has a reported wireless signal range of 500 feet to the TP20’s 300 feet range.
  • The TP27 has 4, color-coordinated temperature probes that plug into their corresponding colored probe ports. The TP20 has two probes with no special markings.
  • TP27 is rated splashproof with an IPX4 waterproof rating. The TP20 has no waterproof rating.
  • The TP27 has no preset meat temperatures or a timer. The TP20 has preset meat temperatures and a timer.
  • Both the transmitter and the receiver of the TP27 have a backlight, only the receiver on the TP20 has a backlight.
  • The TP27 is more expensive than the TP20. At the time of this review, the TP27 is $24 more than the TP20.
  • The display screen of the TP27 is split into 4 sections with each section capable of showing high and low-temperature alarms and the current temperature. The TP-20 has two display screen sections capable of showing only two temperatures at a time.
  • You can switch the alarm to vibrate on the receiver of the TP27, the TP20 doesn’t have this capability.
ThermoPro TP27 500FT Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling and Smoking with 4 Probes Smoker BBQ Grill Thermometer Kitchen Food Cooking Thermometer for MeatView on Amazon

Final Thoughts

I think ThermoPro made some very nice upgrades to their remote meat thermometer lineup with the introduction of the TP27.

It features a stronger wireless signal, an upgraded, splash-proof body, and four colored temperature probes that make it easy to keep track of what’s what on your grill.

I like the fact that the TP27 has no preset meat temperature settings like prior models. I like to set my own temperature for things and I’ve never used the presets.

There’s also no timer, which is great, another function I don’t use.

You can tell that ThermoPro is very in tune with their customer base and it shows with all of the tweaks and upgraded features of this thermometer.

Case in point, the decision to add a vibration option to the receiver instead of it beeping and annoying your loved ones is a classic example of the enhanced user experience of the TP27.

It does come with an elevated price tag but I think the upgrades make the ThermoPro TP27 a worthwhile investment in your grilling future.