Smartro X50 Remote Alarm Thermometer Review

The Smartro X50 Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer in the rain

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This is a review of the Smartro X50 Remote Alarm Thermometer. It is a four-probe wireless bbq alarm meat thermometer consisting of a transmitter and receiver.

I’ve reviewed the top remote wireless meat thermometers to see which ones are the best for the grill or smoker. How does the Smartro X50 Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer measure up to the competition?

The Smartro X50 Remote Meat Thermometer with a selection of other top remote meat thermometers

Quite well actually.

Review Summary

  • Best Feature- The transmitter and receiver bodies are solidly built with IP66 waterproof sealing.
  • Worst Feature- The wireless signal isn’t close to the reported 500 feet signal distance between the transmitter and receiver.
  • What You Need to Know- One of the more weatherproof remote thermometers you’ll find. Testing revealed the top end of the wireless signal distance to be between 250 to 300 feet. Accurate with excellent probes that are eerily similar in appearance to Thermoworks probes, the Smartro is a good value in its price range ($79- $99).

In this review of the Smartro X50 Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer, I will examine the features, usability, accuracy, durability, and price to determine its value. I’ll also show you some alternative remote meat thermometer choices as well.

Smartro X50 Remote Alarm Thermometer Overview

The Smartro X50 Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer is one of many thermometer models manufactured by the Smartro company.

I will generally ignore many of the meat thermometers on the market until the company that produces them shows a track record of quality products with good ratings.

Most of the thermometers produced by Smartro have received high ratings for quality, so I decided to see for myself if their products are legit.

The Smartro X50 is a four-probe, remote wireless meat thermometer that communicates between its transmitter and receiver via an RF (radio frequency) signal.

The Smartro X50 Remote Meat Thermometer transmitter and reciever displaying the temperatures for all four of its probes

After unboxing the Smartro X50 thermometer and its components you will notice how heavy both the transmitter and receiver units feel in your hands.

When you couple this with the rubber gaskets that run along the outside of both the transmitter and receiver, you just get the feeling of quality.

Closeup image of the Smartro X50's rubber sealed probe ports

Looks can be deceiving, however, so I decided to test this thermometer’s durability outside in the rain for an hour.

The Smartro X50 remote thermometer in the rain

The results? The thermometer still functions normally after bringing it inside and wiping it off.

What does this prove? It proves it can handle some rain for an hour, which is a good start to proving its durability over time.

My initial impressions of this thermometer are that it looks and feels like a well-built thermometer. Only time and repeated use will confirm this to be true.

Other than a solid design, what else does this thermometer feature?

Features of the Smartro X50 Remote Thermometer

Here are all of the important features of the Smartro X50.

The components of the Smartro X50: one transmiter, one receiver, three food probes, one ambient probe, two grill clips and eight colored probe rings

  • The transmitter and receiver units are both rated IP66 waterproof.

An IP rating of 66 means that this device is protected against powerful jets of water. This doesn’t mean you can submerge it though.

  • Preset Temperatures

There are eight different meat preset temperature options with one user-defined option.

  • 500-foot Wireless Transmission Signal Range

The wireless signal will be dependent on obstacles. Generally, you can expect around 300 feet.

  • Four-section backlit LCD display screens on both the transmitter and receiver
  • Magnetic Back

The back of the Smartro X50 remote thermometer transmitter

  • Calibration Function

There is a calibration button on the back which will allow you to calibrate the probes individually if needed.

  • Backlight

The backlight will stay illuminated for 20 seconds after you press the light button.

  • Four Stainless Steel Probes

There are three meat probes and one ambient probe. The meat probes are almost 7-inches long with 39-inch probe cables. The cables are rated to withstand 700°F.

  • Temperature Measuring Range -4°F to 572°F ( -20°C to 300°C)
  • Accuracy +- 1.8°F (+-1.0°C)
  • Eight-colored probe rings

Attaching the probe rings at the probe handles and by the probe jack inserts allow you to identify which probe is in what food on the grill.

  • 2 Probe Clips


Most people should be able to comfortably operate the Smartro X50 after a 5-minute perusal of the operating manual.

All of the temperature-setting functions are done through the buttons on the transmitter.

Closeup image of the display screen of the Smartro X50 remote transmitter

To track the internal temperature of your food, after inserting the probe, you will press the SET button of the probe channel, and then press the ON/OFF button to turn on the alarm.

Then you will press the SET button twice to set the high-temperature alarm for that probe. Next, you can choose to use a preset temperature by pressing the MEAT button or simply continue with the default setting, which lets you choose your own temperature.

Once you’ve set your preferred temperatures, press SET again to confirm or wait ten seconds and it will automatically set.

A note on the preset temperatures provided. Many of the preset temperatures are quite a bit higher than ideal, so you will be better off setting your own temperatures for your food. 

The reported signal transmission range of 500 feet is a bit optimistic. My multiple walks around the neighborhood revealed a top distance between 250 to 300 feet, even with only a few obstacles.

The signal is capable of going through multiple walls in your house and should be sufficient for most home situations within a 200-foot range.

The alarm is nice and loud with a screen that flashes red as well, which is helpful should you mute the alarm or have it at low volume.

The red alarm screen of the Smartro X50 remote thermometer

Another nice usability feature is that you can calibrate the probes if needed. The ability to calibrate your thermometer is always a good thing and gives you peace of mind should it become inaccurate.


After testing the X50 alongside many similar and more expensive meat thermometers I can conclude that it is definitely accurate.

I tested the ambient temperature probe of the X50 in the oven along with four other highly-rated meat thermometers.

Testing the ambient temperature probe of the Smartro X50 thermometer alongside four other meat thermometers

The response time and accuracy were in line with the other thermometers while tracking the ambient temperature of the oven.

Next, I tested the food probes in a series of water bath temperature tests.

Testing the accuracy of the Smartor X50 alongside other meat thermometers

The temperature readings of the X50 were right in line with the temperatures displayed on the other thermometers.


As I mentioned earlier, the Smartro X50 definitely looks and feels the part of a durable thermometer.

Solidly built and heavy with a good-size rubber seal running along the outside of both the transmitter and receiver units, this is one of the sturdier thermometers I’ve encountered in all of my tests.

There aren’t many remote thermometers that feature an IP rating of 66 or higher. There is the Thermoworks Smoke X, the Cheftstemp Quad XPro, and the Smartro X50.

The temperature probes are sturdy with cables that are heat resistant up to 700°F.

There is also a three-year warranty if you register your product on the Smartro website.

Durability is a trait tested over time. The Smartro X50 has all of the requisite features to endure, but it will take some time to truly state its durability.


The retail price for the Smartro X50 Remote Meat Thermometer ranges between $79 to $99. This range is dependent on discounts and specials that Amazon promotes throughout the year.

You can even find it as low as $59, depending on discounts from Amazon.

This is what you can generally expect to pay for a quality remote meat thermometer.


Here are some alternative remote thermometers to the Smartro X50 that I’ve reviewed and recommended.

The ThermoPro TP829 has a better transmission signal, generally around 800 feet, with four probes and an IPX4 waterproof rating. See my review of the ThermoPro TP829.

Thermoworks is the standard-bearer for meat thermometers and the Smoke X4 is my highest-rated remote meat thermometer. With a reported signal range of 1.24 miles (yep) and best-in-class accuracy and build quality, the Smoke X4 is well worth its elevated price tag.

See my review of the Thermoworks Smoke X4.

The Chef’s Temp Quad XPro is another remote meat thermometer that is remarkably similar in its features to the Smartro X50, although with a much better transmission signal. See my review of the ChefsTemp Quad XPro.

Thermomeat’s Verdict

There is a lot to like about the Smartro X50 Remote Meat Thermometer. It checks all of the boxes in terms of features, usability, durability, and accuracy.

One area of concern is the transmission signal range, which I found to be consistently half the distance stated on the box. But, then again, it is still over 200 feet, which is plenty of range for most home cooking situations.

The signal was able to penetrate through multiple walls so you shouldn’t have any problem getting reception between the inside of the house and the outside patio.

There are remote thermometers with stronger signal ranges as I noted in the alternatives section above.

If transmission range is a priority, I would look at those thermometers first.

The Smartro X50 offers a good value at its current price range and I rate it a solid buy.