Romote Instant-Read Kitchen Thermometer Review

Romote Instant-Read Kitchen Thermometer Review
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Romote Instant-Read Kitchen Thermometer: QUICK OVERVIEW




Ease of use

What We Like

  • The thermometer has an IP67 waterproof rating
  • Has a backlit display for easy reading
  • Includes built-in magnet and hanging hook

What We Don't Like

  • No meat temperature guide
  • No anti-fog protection on the LCD screen
  • Doesn’t come calibrated

Having meat on the menu is often the most expensive part of the meal. Without a meat thermometer to tell you when it is properly cooked, meat can also be the riskiest one to prepare. You can easily ruin it by undercooking or by overcooking.

Fortunately, with the help of meat thermometers, you can check if your food is safe to eat and cooked to perfection in just a few seconds. And since they come at a low price, there really is no excuse for not owning one. How do you go about finding a good one, though?

Now, for that, you can rely on us. Today, we look at an instant-read thermometer from Romote to see what benefits it could bring to your kitchen.

Romote Instant-Read Kitchen Thermometer Review

This instant read thermometer from Romote is suitable for measuring the temperatures of all sorts of things including liquids, meat, and candy. It can be used to measure meat temperatures when cooking on a BBQ, oven, stove top, or smoker.

Who Is this Product for?

This product is suitable for absolutely anyone who cooks. Whether you cook once a week or on a daily basis, this instant-read thermometer can come in handy with every meal.

What’s Included?

Every purchase provides you with one thermometer that is safely packaged inside a box with foam for protection.

Overview of the Features

This kitchen thermometer has a very wide temperature measuring range of -58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is fantastic because it means that you can use the device for measuring anything, including liquids, meats, candy, and oil.

Many kitchen thermometers are designed specifically for either meat or candy, which means that you have to have two separate thermometers. However, this one does it all.

Quick Response Time

First of all, it has an amazing response time of just three to four seconds. Many kitchen thermometers we have seen in the past require you to hold the probe still for up to 20 seconds before you can get an accurate temperature. With this device, you just insert the probe end of the thermometer into your food and have a read out in a few seconds.

Easy-to-Use Design

It switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius too, which means that you can work with a temperature reading you are comfortable with and that you understand! The probe itself folds so it can’t poke you when it’s stored away in a drawer. The device switches on by unfolding and extending the probe outwards and switches off when you tuck it back away.

It’s digital, backlit, LCD screen is very clear and easy to read, In fact, everything about this thermometer is extremely user-friendly. It has a hole at one end so you can hang it next to your cooker for easy access. More than that, it is also magnetic so you can store it on your fridge or cooker hood if that’s what you prefer.

Crafted to Last

We also like the fact that you can recalibrate this thermometer easily. Not all thermometers have this function, so you have to throw them away after a while when they start giving inaccurate readings. This thermometer from Romote will last for years to come!

While you can’t submerge the thermometer in water completely, it is splash-proof. This is great to know because hot food simmering and boiling away on a stove top does have the tendency to splash.

How to Use the Romote Kitchen Thermometer

This thermometer is extremely easy to use. To switch it on, you just have to swing out the retractable probe. Next, insert the probe roughly two inches into the meat and wait for a few seconds. In just three to four seconds, you will have the results.

To recalibrate the thermometer, you just need to press the C/F button three times until it says CAL. Then, insert the probe into ice water and press the C/F button again to increase the temperature or the hold button to decrease. The temperature of the ice water should be 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


We looked for another kitchen thermometer that gives you guidelines for cooking temperatures and found a really good one made by VSOO. This meat thermometer is extremely quick to deliver temperature readings (three seconds).

More than that, it operates in Celsius and Fahrenheit and has two probes that can attach so you can get two readings simultaneously. You can actually program the device with what kind of meat you are cooking and how you want it cooked. Then, it will tell you the temperature at which you should cook your food at.

On the downside, this device is rather bulky, quite a bit expensive, and can only be used for liquids and meat, not candy or oil.


We absolutely loved the kitchen thermometer from Romote, and thought that it is, by far, the better device among the two. Aside from that, it also brings better value for money. It’s really simple to operate and has many more uses due to its larger temperature variance. As such, it was a clear winner.

It would be quite easy to get ahold of a chart with cooking temperatures that you could stick to your fridge as a guide, and that really is the only thing this thermometer didn’t deliver on. Nevertheless, all of its features would definitely be quite useful in any kitchen.