Maverick PT-55 Meat Thermometer Review

The Maverick PT-55 digital meat thermometer displaying 73 degrees Fahrenheit

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This is a review of the Maverick PT-55 Meat Thermometer. Officially titled the Maverick Waterproof Digital Probe Thermometer on its package, it is a thermocouple instant-read meat thermometer with IP67 waterproofing.

How does the Maverick PT-55 compare to the other instant-read meat thermometers on the market?

The Maverick PT-55 meat thermometer in front of many other highly-rated instant-read meat thermometers

The PT-55 in front of its competitors.

Review Summary

Best Feature- It is accurate and fast.

Worst Feature- There are five buttons on the front of this thermometer, about four too many.

Closeup image of all of the buttons on the front of the Maverick PT-55 meat thermometer

Thermomeat’s Verdict- Although the Maverick PT-55 is accurate and fast with fantastic waterproofing, its multitude of buttons as well as the location of the display screen make the user experience extremely difficult. I recommend its newer sibling, the Maverick PT-51, instead.

The Maverick PT-51 meat thermometer in front of the Maverick PT-55 which is in front of many other highly-rated meat thermometers

The Maverick PT-51 coming in to say hi!

In this review of the Maverick PT-55 Instant-Read Meat Thermometer, I will examine its features, usability, accuracy, durability, and price to determine if it’s a thermometer worth your time and money.

Maverick PT-55 Overview

Maverick Industries has been in business since 1981. They manufacture many types of food thermometers, from remote models to instant-read meat thermometers.

They currently have thirteen different instant-read thermometers for sale on their website.

The Maverick PT-55 on the top, the Maverick PT-100 in the middle , and the Maverick PT-51 on the bottom

I’ve previously reviewed the Maverick PT-100 and the Maverick PT-51 instant-read meat thermometers.

The three thermometers pictured above represent the advancement of meat thermometer technology over the last decade.

The PT-100 model was released over a decade ago. The PT-55 was released in 2017.

And the newest model, the PT-51 was released in 2020. All three of those models are still for sale on the Maverick website, as well as on Amazon and other retailers.

The Maverick PT-55 model has many advanced features over its older sibling, the PT-100. It has outstanding waterproofing with an IP67 rating versus the IP44 of the PT-100

It is also much faster and more accurate than the PT-100, and it can be recalibrated if necessary.

However, the PT-55 has five buttons on the front of the thermometer. This is the most I’ve ever seen on an instant-read model.

The Maverick PT-51 on top and the Maverick PT-55 on the bottom, the Maverick PT-51 has a much easier to read display that is located in the center of the thermometer

Which display would you prefer?

Also, the display screen is curiously placed to the far right of the device, placing it essentially where your palm is grasping it.

This makes for an awkward viewing experience. And the backlight only stays on for a scant five seconds.

To turn it back on you have to press the hold/light button twice.

And to round out things, the display doesn’t rotate.

Luckily, Maverick released the newer PT-51 model that has addressed most of these issues.

It is fast and accurate like the PT-55 with a much easier user experience. I do recommend the PT-51 over the PT-55 for its improved user experience as well as its accuracy. And, it’s less expensive.

See my review of the Maverick PT-51.

As for the PT-55? It is still fast and accurate with great waterproofing. It is a good thermometer for measuring temperatures, which is what it’s all about right?

Maverick PT-55 Features and Specifications

Here are the important features and specifications of the Maverick PT-55 Waterproof Digital Probe Thermometer.

  • Temperature range: -4°F to 572°F
  • Thermocouple-type temperature sensor
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • Probe Length 4″
  • Backlight
  • Takes 2-CR2032 Lithium coin batteries (included)
  • Power button
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit Button
  • Max/Min Button
  • Reset Button 
  • Hold/Backlight Button
  • Calibration Function


Oh boy, here we go.

The Maverick PT-51 on the top and the Maverick PT-55 on the bottom, the Maverick PT-51 has a much brighter display

Five buttons versus one button.

There are five buttons on the front of the PT-55. The most important is the power button.

Most instant-read models will turn on by just extending the probe, but the PT-55 will only turn on and off by pressing the power button.

The thermometer also beeps when you turn it on and off. It also will beep when it turns itself off automatically after ten minutes.

There is also a Celsius/Fahrenheit button on the front that will switch between the two. By pressing it down for five seconds you also enter the thermometer’s recalibration mode.

Then there is the up/down arrows button that represents the maximum and minimum temperatures recorded.

The reset button is a curious addition to the front of a thermometer as it will reset the thermometer to its factory default temperature setting.

And finally, there is the light/hold button. Pressing it once holds the temperature displayed, pressing it twice unholds it.

Buttons aside, the Maverick PT-55 is not the most user-friendly instant-read thermometer.

The display is located to the far right of the thermometer, where your palm is trying to grasp its inexplicably bulbous end.

You would think that the digits on the display would be bigger with the amount of space taken up by this protuberance but the reverse is true. They are relatively small as displays go on instant-read thermometers.

Not only that, the display will only stay illuminated for five seconds at a time and it doesn’t rotate around if you’re using your left hand.

Turning on the backlight is frustrating as well because you need to remember to press the light/hold button twice. Pressing it once will hold the temperature displayed.

I do have to give the PT-55 credit for its recalibration function. It is a nice feature to have should it become inaccurate over time.

For all of its design woes, the PT-55 does have a durable body with an excellent IP67 waterproof rating.

And the PT-55 does perform its sole purpose of measuring temperatures very well.


The Maverick PT-55 is fast and accurate. It can more than hold its own against the top instant-read thermometers on the market.

The Maverick PT-51 meat thermometer with other highly-accurate meat thermometers measuring a 132 degree Fahrenheit water bath.

I put the PT-55 through multiple accuracy tests along with other highly-accurate thermometers and it performed well. Its response time was also better than the reported 3 to 4 seconds.

The Maverick PT-55 on the top and the FireBoard 2 Pro both displaying a temperature of around 132 degrees Fahrenheit.

The speed and accuracy of the PT-55 are top-notch. So is its durability.


The PT-55 features an IP67 waterproof rating. It even states on the package that it can be dropped into 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

There is no practical reason to perform such an exercise, but it is a bold proclamation to include in the marketing of a product.

Maverick also offers a one-year warranty.

I give the PT-55 high marks for its durability so far. Like all of the thermometers I review, time will reveal its true durability.


The current price for the Maverick PT-55 is around $38. For all of its design drawbacks, this is a decent price tag for it considering its accuracy and waterproofing.

Its sibling thermometer, the Maverick PT-51, is just as fast and accurate with a better display and it’s also easier to use. Again, it’s also less expensive.

I recommend the PT-51 over the PT-55.

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The Maverick PT-55 Instant-Read Meat Thermometer is fast and accurate at measuring temperatures and has an excellent IP67 waterproof rating.

Its user experience is spoiled by the numerous buttons and its oddly-placed small temperature display that doesn’t rotate or stay illuminated longer than five seconds.

Fortunately, Maverick released the PT-51 model that addresses many of these usability issues, and at a lower price.

I recommend that thermometer over the PT-55.