Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer Review

The Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer displaying a temperature of 69 degrees Fahrenheit

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The Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer is a WiFi-only thermometer that can monitor up to four temperatures and has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Not to be confused with the Flame Boss 500 WiFi Smoker Controller, the Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer (FBT) has many of the features that you’ll find in vastly more expensive thermometers.

The Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer on the left and the Flame Boss 500 WiFI Smoker Controller on the right.

The Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer is on the left next to the Flame Boss 500 on the right.

See the review of the Flame Boss 500.

Also known as the FBT model by the Flame Boss company, the Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer connects to iOS and Android devices via the Flame Boss mobile app.

This is the same mobile app that controls the more expensive Flame Boss 500 WiFi Controller.

The Flame Boss mobile app features premium graphing and cook history storage, two elements that are rarely available to a device so economically priced.

The Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer displaying 76 degrees Fahrenheit on its display

A nice additional feature is the option to connect to the FBT even if you have no WiFi or internet connection on your phone using the “Direct” connection option.

What are the other features of the Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer?

In this review, I’ll explore this question as well as the usability, accuracy, durability, and price of the FBT thermometer to determine if it’s worth your time and money.

The Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer (FBT)

If you’re unfamiliar with the Flame Boss brand, they’ve been around since 2013.

Flame Boss was founded by avid BBQers and brothers Roger and Michael Collins, with the goal of building a smoker temperature control device that would allow you to walk away from your smoker for hours.

That was the birth of the original Flame Boss 100 Smoker Controller. Since then, they’ve released the Flame Boss 200, 300, 400, and 500 temperature controllers.

The Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer (FBT) on the left and the Flame Boss WiFi Smoker Controller on the right

That’s a lot of accumulated BBQ temperature knowledge and expertise.

The Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer (FBT) is their first device that isn’t a temperature controller. It connects to the same Flame Boss mobile app that the other WiFi smoker controllers utilize.

You also can take advantage of the online portal, myflameboss.com. This website is where you can view your current cook and its temperatures on a graph as well as view your cook history and associated temperature graphs.

Time and temperature graph of the Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer on myflameboss.com

The significance of this access to a saveable cook history with corresponding time and temperature graphs for a thermometer in this price range is huge.

You will not find this type of cook data storage in any thermometer under $100.

The other WiFi meat thermometers closest in price to the FBT; the Inkbird IBBQ-4T, InkBird IBBQ-4BW, and the Govee WiFi Meat Thermometer, do not have any way to store cook history with interactive time and temperature graphs.

Inkbird IBBQ-4T WiFi Meat Thermometer Review

Inkbird IBBQ-4BW WiFi Meat Thermometer Review

Govee WiFi Meat Thermometer Review

At the time of this review, all of these WiFi models have a price tag of around $100 or more.

This thermometer is a steal at its current price of $69.

Other than a premium mobile app and data storage, what are the other features of the Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer?

Features of the FBT

Here is everything that comes in the box.

The Flame Boss (FBT) WiFi Thermometer comes with two probes, two probe winders, a USB-C cable for charging, and a grate clip (not pictured)

There’s a grate clip that didn’t make it into the picture as well.

  • One WiFi Thermometer

The thermometer device body is compact with a bright display screen that will stay illuminated for 30 seconds when you press the light button.

There is no waterproof rating for this thermometer. If you do a lot of outdoor smoking and grilling in the rain you will need to shield it from water exposure.

The Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer in Access Point mode

The display screen will scroll through all of the temperatures every 3 seconds if you have more than one temperature probe inserted.

There are only two buttons on the thermometer body itself and most of the control and functionality is done via the Flame Boss mobile app.

There is a power button on the left and a light button/probe temperature selector on the right.

Another thing to note is that the device itself does not emit any noise or vibrate when an alarm is set. Any alarms will be sent to your phone to notify you that a set temperature has been reached.

Image of the bottom of the Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer revealing its USB port, four temperature ports, and the setup button

The bottom of the thermometer has four probe ports, a USB port, and a setup button.

There is no magnetic back or a stand available for this thermometer, although the anti-slip rubber pads on the bottom keep the thermometer from moving around.

The back side of the Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer

There are two holes for hanging the thermometer off a wall if that is a viable option for you.

  • Two Platinum Resistance Thermometer Probes

The FBT comes with two, 3.25-inch multi-purpose temperature probes that are rated up to 475°F (246°C). Below is a picture of the FBT probe next to the 4.75-inch probe of the Flame Boss 500 thermometer.

The probe cables are 46-inches long, which are long enough to reach the grill grates of most grills and smokers.

One of the Flame Boss WiFi thermometer's temperature probes measuring 3.5-inches long next to a Flame Boss WiFi Smoker Controller temperature probe that is measuring 4.75-inches

  • Two Probe Organizers

The probe organizers are nice and large and make the probe storage process less of an ordeal than some of the tinier probe organizers you get with some thermometers.

  • One USB charging cable

The FBT has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has a battery life of over 18 hours.

  • One Grate Clip
  • Quick Start Guide

Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer


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This is a WiFi-enabled thermometer, so how is the connectivity?

Connecting to WiFi is relatively painless. You do need to make sure that the thermometer is in “station” mode to do so. You will see an “ST” on the display screen.

You will see an “AP” on the screen if you are in access point mode. You won’t be able to connect to WiFi in this mode.

There’s a tiny hole for the setup button located between the third and fourth probe ports that you can press using a paper clip that will switch between the station and access point modes.

The WiFi connection definitely depends on your own personal setup. I consider my WiFi coverage to be average and the FBT maintained a connection 40 feet away through multiple walls.

There are only two buttons on the WiFi thermometer body: a power button, and a light/probe selector button.

The Flame Boss mobile app controls all of the functionality of the thermometer. In the app, you can set temperature alerts and monitor your food remotely.

The main temperature screen of the Flame Boss mobile app

The time and temperature graph in the Flame Boss mobile app

There is an interactive time and temperature graph if you scroll down from the main temperature display.

When you set a temperature alarm you are given a temperature range between 1°F and 450°F. You will then be notified via notifications on your phone or via text depending on the notification options you choose in the app’s settings.

Please note that there is no alarm sound on the device itself.

Direct Mode

Don’t have access to WiFi or even an internet connection on your phone? You can still connect to the FBT via the direct mode access option.

You will lose the ability to set temperature alarms or view your cook history, but you can still monitor your food on the grill remotely up to the distance that your mobile device will allow.

To connect your mobile device to the FBT using direct mode you need to switch the thermometer from station mode to access point mode.

To do this you will need a paper clip to press the tiny setup button located between the third and fourth probe ports.

The setup button for the Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer is located in the tiny hole between the third and fourth probe ports

You will need to press the direct mode tab in the mobile app to configure this setup. From there you will receive a few prompts taking you through the process.

The direct connect screen in the Flame Boss mobile app

The direct connect screen in the Flame Boss mobile app.

You will be prompted to turn on the WiFi on your mobile device and select the Flame Boss as your WiFi network.

This type of connection is essentially a wireless LAN network connecting two devices wirelessly without the need for internet.

The wireless signal communication in this mode is also pretty decent. I was able to connect to the FBT in my kitchen to the other side of my house through multiple walls.

You will have a lot more functionality and better response when connected to WiFi, but it is nice to have this option as well.

Can You Connect a Blower Fan to the Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer?

No, you cannot. There is no port to attach a blower fan nor is this thermometer equipped with any temperature control features.


The accuracy of the Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer is excellent.

The FBT displayed temperatures relatively close to other highly-accurate meat thermometers in a series of temperature tests.

(From left to right)The FireBoard Pro 2, Flame Boss WiFi Meat Thermometer, and Thermapen MK4 measuring the temperature of ice water and are all displaying close to 32 degrees Fahrenheit

I tested its probes using the ice water method (above) as well as tracking the temperature of a roasted chicken.

A whole roast chicken with temperature probes inserted into the breast and thigh regions

The Flame Boss probes are in the top of the breast and on the side of the thigh.

The FireBoard 2 Pro (top) and the Flame Boss WiFi Meat Thermometer (Bottom) monitoring the temperature of a whole roast chicken with similar temperature readings.

Displaying similar chicken thigh temperatures around 160 degrees on both thermometers.

The temperatures measured in the breast and thigh area of the chicken were comparable to the other highly-accurate meat thermometer monitoring the chicken as well.


The FBT is not rated waterproof which is something to note if you do a lot of outdoor cooking with no cover. You can find some workarounds to this by placing it inside some Tupperware or a ziplock bag.

There are anti-slip rubber pads on the bottom four corners which do a good job of keeping the thermometer in place.

The device lies flat on surfaces so it’s hard to see the display from a distance.

A separate stand attachment would be a nice option that I would purchase if one were made available.

The platinum resistance temperature probes and stainless steel cables are the same types used by the Flame Boss 500, albeit 1.5 -inches shorter.

I’ve used the Flame Boss 500 probes countless times in the smoker and can attest to their durability.

Although some sort of IP waterproof rating would be nice, at this price point I’m not going to get too greedy.

I consider this thermometer as durable as any of the aforementioned WiFi thermometers under $100.


The price of this thermometer at the time of this review is $69. Considering what it offers in terms of its mobile app features and WiFi connectivity this is a tremendous value when compared to any WiFi meat thermometer under $150.

Final Thoughts

I’ll keep this short, the Flame Boss WiFi Meat Thermometer offers the most value for your money if you’re shopping for a WiFi meat thermometer under $100.

Although there is no Bluetooth connectivity option, you can still connect to the Flame Boss using the direct mode access option if WiFi is unavailable.

It has a superior mobile app compared to the other WiFi thermometers mentioned earlier as well as solid WiFi connectivity.

There is also an online portal where you can view your current and previous cooks, something not offered by any WiFi thermometers under $100.

This thermometer isn’t waterproof, but at this price, I can overlook it.