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FireBoard just announced the release of their first instant-read thermometer, the FireBoard Spark.

It will begin shipping around November 29, 2021.

The Spark is not only an instant-read meat thermometer, it also has a probe port to connect a temperature probe for longer cooks. It is also WiFi and Bluetooth compatible.

I’ve got my pre-order in, so until my Spark model arrives this will be a discussion of its features, specifications, and price.

FireBoard Spark Instant-Read Thermometer

This is the first instant-read thermometer from FireBoard. If you are unfamiliar with the FireBoard company, they are the makers of the best-in-class FireBoard 2 series of cloud-connected WiFi food thermometers.

I’ve reviewed the FireBoard 2 Drive and the FireBoard 2 Pro, and I give them both my highest grades when it comes to a WiFi meat thermometer.

The first thing you will notice is the price tag of $149.

This price point is higher than all of the other highly-rated meat thermometers I’ve reviewed.

The top-rated Thermapen ONE has a price of $105.

So, is this higher price justified?

It depends on your needs as a cook. The FireBoard Spark has some innovative features that no other instant-read thermometer has right now.

What are these features?

Ted Conrad, one of the co-founders of FireBoard, recently hosted a product launch video on Facebook.

In the video, he goes over a lot of the features of the FireBoard Spark as well as how these features are best put to use in a restaurant or home cooking scenario.

Here’s the video:

FireBoard Spark Features and Specifications

Here are the features of the FireBoard Spark Instant-Read Thermometer:

  • Type-K thermocouple probe with +-0.7°F accuracy with a measuring range of -58°F to 572°F.
  • NIST-Traceable calibration certificate
  • Sync Mode allows you to connect to other FireBoard thermometers for remote monitoring.
  • NFC scanner 
  • USB-C rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and FireBoard Cloud-enabled.
  • Magnetic back that sticks to metal surfaces.
  • Rated IP66 Waterproof


I will know more about the usability of the FireBoard Spark when it arrives in a few weeks. (around November 29)


The Spark comes with a NIST-Traceable calibration certificate. This means that a technician at FireBoard Labs tests the accuracy of your thermometer by hand, and signs off on it.

I look forward to testing the Spark when it arrives and comparing it to the Thermapen ONE.


The durability of a product is measured over time. I like that the Spark is rated IP66 waterproof.

This means that the Spark can get wet with some rain or you can wash it off under a faucet. I wouldn’t submerge it in water, however.


The price tag is steep at $149, so this is definitely an investment. I will discuss the FireBoard Spark’s value proposition when I’m able to use all of its innovative features.

First Impressions of the FireBoard Spark

The FireBoard Spark has a lot of features that you won’t find in other instant-read meat thermometers.

It’s WiFi and Bluetooth compatible with a probe port to attach another temperature probe for longer cooks.

It is also connected to the FireBoard Cloud, which means that any firmware updates will also update on the Spark.

The Spark can also connect to any other FireBoards on your account and act as a remote display.

No other instant-read meat thermometer has a display that’s capable of multiple screens.

The display screen can currently rotate 180° but will have 360° rotation functionality in the near future via a firmware update (as per Ted in the FaceBook launch video.)

It has a lot of cool features. I guess the question remains, will you find any of these extra, cool features useful?

We shall see. It might be a tough sell for the average home cook but it might be compelling for those of you that already have a FireBoard.

I will give a more detailed in-depth review when my unit arrives.




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