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Inkbird IBBQ-4BW WiFi Meat Thermometer

Inkbird IBBQ-4BW WiFi Thermometer with all four temperature probes connected registering between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit on its orange backlit display screen

The Inkbird IBBQ-4BW WiFi Meat Thermometer presents an opportunity to buy a WiFi meat thermometer at a much lower price than competing models. The Fireboard 2 Drive, Thermoworks Signals, and the Tappecue Touch are some of the top WiFi meat thermometers on the market. They also come with higher price tags. Is the Inkbird IBBQ-4BW […]

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ThermoPro TP-25H2 Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Review

ThermoPro TP-25H2 Bluetooth Meat Thermometer displaying 68 degrees Fahrenheit for both of its temperature probes

The ThermoPro TP-25H2 Bluetooth Meat Thermometer is a dual-probe, long-range, wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer featuring Bluetooth 5.0 technology with a reported signal range of 500 feet. After testing the TP-25H2 the last few days I can confidently say that it has a stronger Bluetooth signal than its competitors with a better mobile app. The TP-25H2 […]

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Inkbird IHT-1S Meat Thermometer Review

Inkbird IHT-1S Instant-Read Meat Thermometer's body and probe totally submerged in ice water displaying 32.9 degrees Fahrenheit on its display

The Inkbird IHT-1S Meat Thermometer is marketed as an ultra-fast instant-read meat thermometer that has a waterproof rating of IP67. It also has a 360-degree auto-rotating display screen with a constant backlight. Oh, and you can charge it via a USB cord. What’s not to like? Well, the marketing claims of any product need to […]

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ThermoPro TP08B Remote Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP08B Remote Meat Thermometer

The ThermoPro TP08B Remote Meat Thermometer is an updated version of the ThermoPro TP08S Remote Meat Thermometer. At the time of this review, you won’t actually find any mention online of the model number for this thermometer. It is simply referred to as “ThermoPro 500FT Wireless Meat Thermometer”. The side of its box reveals the […]

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ThermoPro TP28 Remote Meat Thermometer Review

ThermoPro TP28 Remote Wireless Meat Thermometer Transmitter and Receiver with the Chicken Preset Temperature on their display screens

The ThermoPro TP28 Remote Meat Thermometer is the dual-probe successor to the wildly popular ThermoPro TP-20 remote wireless meat thermometer. The TP28 features an enhanced 500-foot wireless signal range between its transmitter and receiver devices. This is an upgrade over the TP20’s wireless range of 300 feet. ThermoPro has also recently released the TP27 four-probe […]

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ThermoPro TP17H Thermometer Review

ThermoPro TP17H Digital Food Thermometer with 4 Temperature Probes

The ThermoPro TP17H Thermometer is a four-probe thermometer designed for your oven, grill, or smoker. The TP17H thermometer is an updated version of the very popular dual-probe ThermoPro TP-17 thermometer. With both high and low-temperature alarm capabilities the ThermoPro TP17H can be utilized as an oven, grill, or smoker alarm thermometer. However, you will need […]

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Thermoworks Smoke Thermometer Review

Thermoworks Smoke Thermometer transmitter and receiver displaying 69 degrees Fahrenheit

The Thermoworks Smoke Thermometer has been on the market for over 4 years at the time of this review. A dual-probe remote meat thermometer that transmits cooking data between its transmitter and receiver, the Smoke remains one of the top thermometers in its class. Since then, there have been numerous other remote meat thermometers to […]

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ThermoPro TP27 Remote Meat Thermometer Review

The ThermoPro TP27 Remote Meat thermometer's trasnmitter and receiver displaying 68.4 degrees Fahrenheit

The ThermoPro TP27 Remote Meat Thermometer is a four-probe, wireless transmitter-to-receiver remote meat thermometer. It is also referred to by its official model number, the ThermoPro TP-27B. It is part of a new generation of meat thermometers that ThermoPro has been introducing in the past year. The ThermoPro TP27 is their latest update in their […]

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ThermoPro TP08S Remote Meat Thermometer Review

ThermoPro TP08S Remote Meat Thermometer's transmitter and receiver units displaying 131 degrees Fahrenheit

The ThermoPro TP08S Remote Meat Thermometer is just one of the many remote meat thermometers produced by ThermoPro. With so many models it can get a little confusing. Don’t worry, I’ve got them all and I’ll help you wade through the differences and similarities between all of them. The ThermoPro TP08S is a dual-probe remote […]

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ThermoPro TP18 Meat Thermometer Review

ThermoPro TP18 Meat Thermometer with the box it came in.

There are a lot of things to like about the ThermoPro TP18 Meat Thermometer. A thermocouple-type meat thermometer, it is fast and accurate with temperature readings in 2 to 3 seconds. It has a bright, red digit LED display that is easily visible in the dark. It even comes with a calibration function should it […]

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