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Do You Need a Meat Thermometer For Cooking Meat?

A whole roasted chicken at 160 degrees Fahrenheit on the Thermapen MK4 meat thermometer.

Do you need a meat thermometer for cooking meat? A similar question would be, do you need a speedometer to drive a car? No, but it helps. One of the main reasons people overcook their meat is that they have no idea the temperature their meat is at in the cooking process. By the time […]

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How to Tell If Chicken Is Done Without a Thermometer

Whole Roast Chicken measuring 159 degrees Fahrenheit on Thermapen MK4 thermometer.

Can you tell when chicken is done without the use of a thermometer? Yes, you can. However, the end result will be far less flavorful and juicy than if you had a meat thermometer monitoring the middle of your meat. Without a meat thermometer, you are left making an educated guess using the cooking temperature, […]

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Bluetooth vs. Wifi Meat Thermometers: What’s the Difference?

A selection of Wifi and Bluetooth Meat Thermometers

What is the difference between Bluetooth and WiFi meat thermometers? And since we’re here, what are their similarities? Does any of it matter? If you’re looking to get a meat thermometer that connects to your phone these are questions you’ve had along with plenty of others. There are plenty of options to choose from when you’re […]

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Why Use a Meat Thermometer? Why Not Use One?

Using a meat thermometer to check the temperature of duck breast

Why are you using that meat thermometer? I’m sure you’ve gotten that question before by your friend, the self-appointed Chef de Cuisine. You know. The person we know that seems to know everything about anything. These are the people that are quick to mock or chastise others for using devices that make our life easier. […]

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How to Clean a Meat Thermometer

How to Clean a Meat Thermometer

Food safety is the main reason to own a meat thermometer. Having a dirty meat thermometer defeats that purpose. It happens. Cooking can be messy, and your meat thermometer will come into contact with lots of contamination. Fortunately, cleaning a meat thermometer is pretty easy as long as you remember a few things to avoid. […]

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How Do Meat Thermometers Work?

Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo Digital Meat Thermometer

Why is it important to know how a meat thermometer works? Not all meat thermometers are the same. It’s important to know the difference because some types of meat thermometers are faster and more accurate than other types.  I will not only explain how different meat thermometers measure temperature but also how to use them […]

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How to Test a Meat Thermometer for Accuracy

Calibrating multiple meat thermometers in ice

When you are cooking you need to have tools and appliances you can trust. There is nothing worse than an oven or grill cooking hotter or colder than what the temperature gauge is displaying. The same thing goes for meat thermometers. I’ve seen firsthand what an inaccurate thermometer can do to ruin a $100 rib […]

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How to Read a Good Cook Meat Thermometer

The Good Cook Classic Meat Thermometer

If you have ever tried to read a Good Cook Classic Meat Thermometer you’re probably wondering, what’s with the different types of meat labeled at the bottom of the dial? The bottom red row has beef, lamb, and pork grouped together. The upper black row has poultry and ham as a group. Well, it is […]

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Where to Buy Digital Meat Thermometers

Lavatools Javelin Pro Duo Thermometer

Update: If you are looking to buy a digital meat thermometer and have more than 24 hours to purchase one, we’ve reviewed some high-quality, inexpensive ones from Amazon here. We’ve all been there. You have people coming over and you’re responsible for cooking a large piece of meat such as a beef roast. Part of that […]

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